Security at KAWA

At KAWA, we prioritise your data security. Our team ensures your analytics are both insightful and secure, making your peace of mind our top priority.

Data Protection


Data at Rest

All data sources are encrypted at rest.

Sensitive information is encrypted before reaching the database, ensuring that neither physical nor logical access can compromise its confidentiality.


Data in Transit

KAWA employs TLS 1.2+ for secure data transmission over networks.

AWS is managing and deploying server TLS keys and certificates.

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Secret management

Application secrets are securely encrypted and stored in AWS Secrets Manager and Parameter Store, with restricted access.

Product Security

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Penetration Testing

KAWA ensures platform security by regularly conducting penetration testing with cybersecurity experts to identify and fix vulnerabilities, thereby strengthening defenses and protecting user data against evolving threats.


Vulnerability Scans

KAWA enhances its security posture by utilizing advanced vulnerability scanning techniques, leveraging tools such as AWS Inspector for comprehensive system assessments and conducting thorough image vulnerability scans. This proactive approach allows us to identify and address potential security risks efficiently, ensuring robust protection for our platform and user data.


Application architecture

KAWA's application architecture is designed with a strong focus on tenant isolation and the enforcement of strict permissions.

This structure ensures that each user's data is segregated and protected, minimising the risk of unauthorised access or data leakage.